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The Institute of Environmental Protection – National Research Institute (IEP-NRI) is a governmental institute founded in 1986. The main area of activity of IEP-NRI is to develop scientific and technical basis for environmental protection in Poland. The Institute carries out research in the field of environmental policy, waste management, environmental impact assessment, air and climate protection, landscape and natural resources conservation, land and soil restoration, water protection and wastewater treatment and sewage sludge processing.

In addition, IEP-NRI provides training for industry, local and regional administration and students. Employees of IEP-NRI work in high schools and universities.

IEP-NRI participated in the development, testing and dissemination of innovative VET models and training toolkits and in the development of a professional qualification and training framework for solid waste facilities’ managers.

IEP-NRI has successfully implemented a number of international projects in environmental protection, waste management and education.

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The "Institute for Private Enterprise and Democracy" was established at the beginning of 1993. It is one of the first independent research institutes in Poland and is a leading Polish think-tank.

The Institute’s mission is to support market reforms, develop democratic institutions and to create a favourable climate for business through objective research and analysis, education and the development of recommendations for economic policy.

The Institute's activity:

  • implementing projects (also co-financed by EU),
  • conducting research,
  • preparing reports,
  • organising conferences, workshops, seminars and training (Polish and international).

Fields of the Institute's activity:

  • creating economic policy to  encourage entrepreneurship;
  • development of private enterprise including SMEs;
  • development of modern technologies;
  • collaboration between science and business;
  • development of labour market;
  •  business ethics and self-government.

The Educational Research Institute (IBE) is an institution conducting interdisciplinary research on the functioning and effectiveness of the education and qualifications system in Poland. The Institute participates in national and international research projects (e.g. TALIS, PISA, PIAAC, Horizon 2020, Erasmus+, ESLC, SHARE, TIMSS, PIRLS), prepares reports, expert opinions and acts in an advisory capacity.The Institute employs over 130 education researchers most of whom are eminent specialists in their fields with considerable professional expertise not only in research but also teaching, public administration, market/public opinion research and NGOs.In 2010, the Minister of National Education commissioned IBE to develop the overall concept of an integrated national qualification system that includes the NQF and the National Qualifications Register.IBE prepared the Polish Referencing Report which, after government approval, was published by the European Commission in the EQF portal.