Intercollege is one of the leading private colleges in Cyprus, which has been offering a wide range of VET study programmes (Higher Education & VET)  to students since its inception in 1989. Intercollege offers accredited programmes in Culinary Arts, Aesthetics and Beauty Therapy, Spa Management, Hospitality Management, Business Administration, Computer Technology, Information Technology, Electrical and Mechanical Technology, Auto Engineering etc leading to a Diploma or a Bachelor's degree.

Intercollege was the first VET College in Cyprus to offer technical diplomas in the field of Electrical and Mechanical Installations, and more recently in Oil & Gas and Automotive Technology. In addition, the College was the first to develop appropriate testing facilities and well-furnished laboratories in order to offer suitable courses in the renewable energy sector.

Intercollege's study programmes follow the highest European standards for quality assurance in VET by combining high level academic education with practical experience through specialised laboratory work and work-based learning.

All the above contribute to Intercollege’s vision for the future and are encapsulated in the College’s motto "Excellence in Vocational Education”.

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Cyprus Productivity Centre (CPC) is a department of the Ministry of Labour Welfare and Social Insurance. The original long-term objective of the CPC is to assist private and public organisations to utilise their human and capital resources in the best possible way so as to increase productivity. However, accession of Cyprus to the EU and the Eurozone, the CPC has focused on actions targeted at supporting citizens, organisations, enterprises, the social partners and the state, to adapt a global market.

The CPC main’s activities are:

  • Provide scientific and administrative support to the Productivity Council
  • Promotion of the Modernisation of the Apprenticeship System
  • Modernisation of Technical Vocational Training
  • Management of Subsidy Schemes co-funded by the EU and the Government budget
  • Management of European Programmes
  • Mediterranean Institute of Management (MIM) and International Activities
  • Education/Training in management development and promotion of Life Long Learning and Productivity in Cypriot companies and organisations.
  • Health and Safety in the workplace
  • Provide support services to the Ministry of Labour Welfare and Social Insurance

CPC has experience in the implementation of both national and European projects and CPC staff have experience in the design, management, organisation, coordination and implementation of such projects.

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The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a private corporate body functioning under special law, financially independent, and free of any state influence. The Chamber is funded by membership subscription fees and through income generated from the services it provides.

The CCCI is a union of Cypriot business people, and promotes their interests by lobbying the government and Parliament, and through its participation in associations and committees, it promotes the views of the business community.

The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry was founded in 1927 and in 1963, a new structure was adopted, which still remains in place, under the name: “Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry”. The CCCI is a federation of the local Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCIs) which operate in Nicosia, Limassol, Famagusta, Larnaca and Paphos. The local CCIs have a geographical coverage of their respective districts. The Nicosia CCI covers also the districts of Kyrenia and Morphou.

The membership of the CCCI exceeds 8,000 enterprises from the whole spectrum of business activity. There are also more than 140 Professional Associations from the trade, industry and services sectors.

The basic objective of the CCCI is to safeguard and steadily develop the Cypriot economy in order to continuously improve the standard of living and prosperity of all the people of Cyprus.

This objective directs the policy and activities of the CCCI to deliver a range of high quality services to members, including:

  • Promotion of the interests of the business community, within the framework of the broader interests of Cyprus and the welfare of its people.
  • Strengthening of private enterprise, which constitutes the backbone of the economy whilst safeguarding and promoting the liberal character of the economic system of Cyprus.
  • Keeping abreast of the economic developments and maximising the contribution of the business community to the country’s progress.
  • Contributing towards continuous and balanced growth nationwide, within the framework of the European Union.